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Hip FAI and Labral Tear

  • Is groin pain limited your sporting life and leaving you frustrated and on the side lines?

  • Have you been diagnosed with a labral tear and you’re not sure what to do about it and you’re keen to avoid surgery?

  • Have you been told you have FAI (femoro-acetabular impingement) and you want to know more about how to help yourself?

Hip femoro-acetabular impingement (also know as ‘hip FAI’) and hip labral tear can be an painful problem that can limit your walking, your sports and your life! It is often felt as deep pain or a sharp catch in the groin with activities like twisting, running and getting our of a chair or car. Hip impingement and hip pain from labral tear is often activity related pain, but can also cause pain at rest during the night.

Did you know there is a lot you can do to manage your own hip pain from FAI or labral tear, and also improve your activity levels? International research has supported that specific strengthening exercises can help you with the management of your hip pain! Did you also know that there are some hip stretches and postures that could actually make your pain worse?  Would you like to know more about what exercises to do to help yourself, and also what to avoid making your hip pain worse?

A message from Nichole Hamilton

Explore here our resources here! All designed with YOU in mind- to reduce your hip pain and improve your daily mobility and activity levels! Physiotherapist Nichole Hamilton and her team have spent decades helping thousands of people just like you find natural solutions to their hip pain! The information provided for you here is an accumulation of up to date training, evidence based research, thousands of hours of clinical experience and a passion for education and helping patients resolve their hip pain.

Here you will find expert postural tips, specific exercises, e-books, videos and articles- all designed to help you conquer your hip pain and get back to the activities you love!

Are you considering hip arthroscopic surgery for hip FAI or labral tear? Our resources here can help you build your hip strength to prepare you for surgery and optimise your post-operative rehabilitation! Understand more about your hip pain and what to do about it!

Online Programs!

  • Would you like unlimited lifetime access to online program from any device to help you understand your hip pain and exactly what to do about it?
  • Would you like practical and professional advice from an expert therapist with over 2 decades of experience in helping patients like you conquer their hip pain- with the added benefit of a 30-day money back guarantee?
  • Would you like step by step stretches, strengthening exercises and postural tips to help your symptoms, as well as a clear understanding of what to avoid making you worse?
  • Would you like to avoid hip arthroscopic surgery or have a better understanding to aid your own recovery?

Our online learning portal offers you access to professional video’s developed and instructed by Nichole Hamilton. Her ‘Tips for Hips: Labral Tear and FAI’ course guides you through understanding how a labral tear can develop and causes for your hip pain.

Videos include expert practical tips to reduce your pain, postural advice to reduce load on the labrum and tailored step by step physiotherapy exercises to guide you back to doing the things you love without hip pain limiting your life. Includes your FREE BONUS e-book to download and keep! Take control of your own hip pain relief!

CLICK HERE  for unlimited lifetime access to your very own online physio program for FAI and labral tear!

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Prefer to simply read?

This easy to read simple expert guide E-Book is the place to start understanding your hip pain and what to do about it! Physiotherapist Nichole Hamilton has written this thorough guide exploring all aspects of your hip pain for FAI and labral tear, especially for you.

Included in this E-Book Download:

  • Straight forward information on what is causing your pain and why
  • Essential information including simple tips to reduce your pain, what stretches and postures to avoid making your problem worse!
  • A simple summary step by step guide for strengthening with exercises to support and improve your hip health.
  • Short click link video tutorials to instruct your exercises!

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