• Are you suffering frustrating hip pain that’s limiting your activity?

  • Would you like to know more about why your hip hurts and what you can do about it from a professional with 20 years’ experience?

  • Would you like to avoid injections, drugs or surgery and find natural solutions to your hip pain?

My Hip Pain Relief is designed by qualified physiotherapist Nichole Hamilton specifically with you in mind- to help you to conquer your own hip pain! Here we offer you professional information, resources, tips and exercises for a variety of hip problems including hip osteoarthritis, hip bursitis, FAI and hip labral tear. So if you’ve been diagnosed with hip OA (hip arthritis), trochanteric bursitis (hip bursitis), femoral-acetabular impingement (FAI), gluteal tendinopathy or hip labral tear and want to know more about how to help yourself- then you are in the right place! Explore our resources and find out how to reduce your own hip pain!

Nichole Hamilton personally offers you access to the latest research, professional resources, expert secrets, tips and advice, step by step exercises, postural solutions, videos and more.

Nichole has over 20 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy practice with expertise in the management of hip and pelvic pain. After 20 years of helping thousands of patients with hip pain, Nichole decided to compile the extensive resources she normally offers her private patients and offer it for your exclusive access on “My Hip Pain Relief”.  

Nichole has worked in both London and Sydney alongside world leading orthopaedic and sports medicine physicians, and established her own physiotherapy practice on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia in 2007. Nichole is passionate about education with her popular podcasts and e-learning with Clinical Edge and World Health Webinars. She has worked as an assistant physiotherapy teacher alongside Dr Barbara Hungerford and also Dr LJ Lee. She also lectures regularly at physiotherapy and orthopaedic conferences on the management of hip pain. Her up to date knowledge and expertise comes together with My Hip Pain Relief- designed to help you with the most recent advances in helping you reduce your own hip pain.

Nichole has developed the post-operative physiotherapy protocol for arthroscopic hip surgery alongside orthopaedic hip specialist Dr Michael O’Sullivan. Nichole and Dr O’Sullivan have lectured together on post-operative management of hip arthroscopy which has further developed into her popular one day course for physiotherapists called “The Essential Hip”. Nichole regularly teaches her one day workshop for graduate physiotherapists in Sydney and Melbourne. Nichole has also developed her online course for therapists ‘The Essential Hip’ designed to provide education for health professionals on all aspects of hip pathology.

Nichole and her team at Synergy Physio have spent decades helping thousands of people just like you find natural solutions to their hip pain! The information provided for you here is an accumulation of up to date training, evidence based research, thousands of hours of clinical experience and a passion for education and helping patients just like you conquer their hip pain and get back to living.

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