Hip bursitis- avoid making this common mistake!

Hip bursitis- avoid making this common mistake!

  • Is your hip pain disrupting your sleep at night or giving your pain with you lie on your side?
  • Are you having trouble getting out of a chair or walking long distances?
  • Have you been diagnosed with hip bursitis?

As a physiotherapist I am often helping women who are tired of their hip pain limiting their life. Many of the women I treat have tried injections, rest, massage and stretches- all with little or no benefit which can be a frustrating cycle.

If you have been diagnosed with hip bursitis, there is ONE thing I suggest you avoid.

Avoid hip stretches !

If you have been diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis that is not resolving with a corticosteroid injection, it is very common and highly likely that you also have a weakness in the nearby tendon, which is also known as tendinopathy.

To understand tendinopathy, it is a gradual onset of outer hip pain and weakness, which results in the weakening of the outer hip tendon. Our outer hip tendons are designed to be strong rope-like tissue that attaches our muscles to our bones. When this tendon is weak, a little bit like a frayed rope, it does not like to be overstretched, especially over hard surfaces like bones.

To restore tendon health and improve the tendon strength can take time, as tendons can be notoriously slow in their recovery! It is essential that you avoid all outer hip and gluteal stretches, during your recovery as this can create pain and limit your progress!

You will need to avoid any stretch that takes your knee or your ankle towards your opposite shoulder. If you would like to know more about what stretches to avoid, please click here for your FREE ebook! Watch this short video here to learn more!

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About My Hip Pain Relief!  Nichole Hamilton Physiotherapist has over 20 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy practice with expertise in the management of hip and pelvic pain. Nichole has worked in both London and Sydney alongside world leading orthopaedic and sports medicine physicians, and established her own physiotherapy practice on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia in 2007.


About the Author:

Nichole is passionate about education with her popular podcasts and e-learning with Clinical Edge and World Health Webinars. She lectures regularly at physiotherapy and orthopaedic conferences on the management of hip pain. Her up to date knowledge and expertise comes together with My Hip Pain Relief- designed to help you with the most recent advances in helping you reduce your own hip pain.

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