• Would you simply love the freedom of being able to go for a walk with loved ones without being held back by your hip bursitis?
  • Are you tired and frustrated at your mobility being limited by ongoing pain, limitations to your walking and sleep disruption?
  • Have you tried to fix your hip bursitis with massage, chiro, physio, acupuncture, Drs and still seem to be getting nowhere?
  • Have you been diagnosed with hip bursitis, yet even cortisone injections have not helped and you want to know more about how you can help yourself?

Did you know its often NOT JUST THE HIP BURSA that causes you pain, but also the nearby tendon and this is OFTEN MISSED?

Hip bursitis (also known as ‘trochanteric bursitis’) is a painful hip condition that can contribute to pain in the outer hip area or buttock. It often causes hip pain at night time when lying on it, and can cause hip pain after periods of walking, climbing stairs or even after prolonged sitting when rising out of a chair. Does this sound like you?

Did you know that it is often a problem with the underlying gluteal tendon that is missed?

Gluteal “tendinopathy” and hip bursitis are two conditions that go hand in hand! Gluteal tendinopathy is simply a weakness in the tendon as it attaches onto the outer hip area. The nearby bursa can swell when the tendon is irritated- which leads to a diagnosis of ‘hip bursitis’. But the underlying tendon weakness is often MISSED and if this is not addressed you can experience ongoing hip pain!

Did you that you need a very specific program of exercises to help the tendon recover, and that some exercises can actually make your pain worse?

As a physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience in helping patients just like you, I often hear the words “I didn’t know I was making my problem worse!”. There are so many common myths and errors that can very easily be avoided if you know what’s causing your pain and what to do about it! Watch this video here for a few essential tips!

I love my role in helping people with their hip pain! That is why I have chosen to share so many resources to get you back on track and improve your mobility! Don’t let pain continually hold you back. Learn more the essentials you need to prevent your problem getting worse and start your recovery!

Like to learn more about hip bursitis and how you can reduce your own pain from a physiotherapist with 22 years of experience of treating hip pain?


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